• full-time or on a voluntary basis

  • with juveniles or adults

  • in administration, labour union, school

  • in a federation, association

  • in the city and local council

  • in a corporation or in the public domain

  • or complete an apprenticeship or study in relevant areas

Are confronted with

  • confronted with neo-Nazi, racist,
    undemocratic thought and behaviour
    or social inequality


  • background knowledge

  • critical discussion

  • action alternatives


Inform You

  • on outward forms of neo-Nazism and racism

  • phenomena that jeopardise democracy
    in Germany and Saxony


  • for the recognition and designation of
    intolerable behaviour patterns as well as
    relationships of social inequality


  • democratic culture

  • self-determined latitudes of action

  • discrimination-free arrangement of migration societies



to the website of the regional program 'Weltoffenes Sachsen'



Forumtheatreproject in the rural areas of Saxony

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united against racism

LAG pokuBi is a member of the european UNITED FOR INTERCULTURAL ACTION network against nationalism, racism, fascism and for supporting of migrants and refugees.