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betzavta - Workshop between the German and Afghan community

co-sponsored by the Adam Institute for Democracy and Peace and Landesarbeitsgemeinschaft für politisch-kulturelle Bildung Sachsen e.V. (pokuBi)

We would like to invite you to a workshop of learning and getting-to-know-you between the German community and the Afghan community in Sachsen, Germany.

The two communities participating in this workshop live alongside each other, sometimes work together and share urban space. Yet few are the opportunities available for a direct dialogue about the nature of their relationship, the trials that they deal with, and their expectations of German democracy.

This workshop will afford you an opportunity for direct connection, learning about one another and examining the ways in which one can improve shared living. The workshop will be taught using “Betzavta – Adam Institute’s facilitation method”, an experiential method that turns conflicts into dilemmas. Based on democratic principles, the method combines engaging, experiential learning that’s rooted in philosophy, sociology, social psychology—and fun. Testimonials on the method can be found here. The number of participants is limited to 20: 10 Afghani participants and 10 German participants.

The meeting will be facilitated/co-facilitated by Dr. Uki Maroshek-Klarman, Executive Director of the Adam Institute and Lutfullah Amiri, Betzavta trainer and administrative employee of pokuBi.

Seminar tops will explore the learning process and acquaintance between the communities

  1. Getting-to-know-you among participants

  2. Cultural, religious and national getting-to-know-you among participants

  3. The experience of immigration and treatment of immigrants as perceived by various communities (concerns, expectations and attitudes in both groups)

  4. To be a refugee vs. being an immigrant – what’s common and what’s different?

  5. What is democracy? What’s the desired democratic model for group participants?

  6. Civil rights, human rights and the rights of refugees and immigrants – what’s the desired approach and what’s commonplace?

  7. Gender and cultural rights – what’s the desired approach and what’s commonplace?

  8. Summary and way to sustain the relationship among participants


13th to 15th of May 2022


Schloss Schleinitz (Nossen)
with overnight stay (2-4bedrooms) and meals (vegetarian/vegan on request)


13th 4-7 pm.; 14th 9am – 7 pm.; 15th 9 am – 4 pm

participation fee

people with income: 20-100€
people without income: free


The course will be taught in English, with translation available as needed.


until 27th of march

Please let us know:
- What is your motivation to participate?
- Do you need childcare?

please us the registration form

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